Objective: Improve (HPV) vaccination rates in a college-aged population using a strategic toolkit for student health services.

Participants: Eighteen to twenty-six year-olds enrolled at Johns Hopkins University who utilized the Student Health & Wellness Center (JHU SHWC) during the study period.

: The toolkit comprised of a) continuing medical education (CME) presentation on strategies to improve HPV vaccination, b) campus-wide visual messaging regarding HPV prevalence, genital warts, cancer, and vaccine availability, and c) an electronic medical record (EMR) form prompting discussion about the HPV vaccine during visits.

: HPV vaccination rates at JHU SHWC improved from historical baseline 290/2,372 students/year (12.2%) to 515/2,479 students/year (20.8%), [risk ratio (RR) 1.70 (95% CI, 1.47–1.96), p<0.001]. Additional changes included significant increases in vaccination rate per visit and vaccination rate by gender, especially among male students.

Methods and resources from this toolkit could be successfully adapted and deployed by college health centers.

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